[VIDEO] Snatcher Cried When Bus driver trap him in the bus and beat with baseball bat!

A would-be thief who tried to steal a woman’s handbag on a bus got more than he bargained for when his hand got stuck in the vehicle’s door as he tried to flee.

The driver, who had shut the door to prevent him escaping, then beat him repeatedly with a bat as he drove the bus away.

The attempted bag-snatch, which took place in the Chilean city of Concepcion on October 9, was caught on the bus’ onboard video camera.

The suspect had just boarded the vehicle when he attempted to snatch a handbag from a female passenger who was sitting in one of the front seats.

Then after failing to grab it a second time, he tried to run out of the vehicle – but the driver slammed the door shut, trapping him.

The bus driver finally stopped the vehicle – but the thief’s troubles still weren’t over.

When the door opened, he was detained by police officers and placed on the ground with his hands behind his back.

Salute for this Driver 🙂



Sources :World NEWS|news.sky.com

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