Condo Policy bans drivers, maids from ‘normal’ elevators!

Manila Philippines – Some condo bans drivers,maids from normal elevators.

It was posted by Poch Ceballos the said memoramdum policy from IRCC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT signed by Katherine P.Garido -Property Manager.

“The administration office has had a number of enquiries from owners in the building on why helpers are using the Passenger Elevators when only Unit Owners / Tenants and their guests are allowed to the Passenger Elevators,” reads the notice from the management of the Icon Residences at the posh Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

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The post : “When Filipino maids in HK get banned from using the “regular” elevators (you know, the ones that “regular” people use), the country throws a hissy fit. Guess what? It’s happening in our own backyard! Dear#iconresidences, f**k you. Katherine Garrido, you’re an ignoramus. Please resign. You have no place being a building administrator.”
It was circulated on social media and it becomes hot topic, Many reacted on the said policy as discriminatory.
Poch added a comment : Hi all, thanks for sharing, liking and rallying against segregation based on occupation. I think it’s great that the issue is being pushed to the limelight and being debated. For my part, I have my letter to Katherine written up, ready to give her first thing in the morning. In a nice manner, it explains why this policy is wrong in principle and in practical terms. I also plan to write the homeowners’ board to explain much the same. I’m happy to engage in productive dialogue with them to come to a solution.

Rappler got in touch with Katherine Garrido, the property manager and the signee of the memorandum, who said it’s “just a policy of the building.”

“There’s no issue. It’s not for the world. It’s just for the building. It has been a policy ever since the building was created,” said Garrido.

What can you say About this?

Source : RAPPLER /Poch Ceballos




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