[VIDEO] Girl surprise his Boyfriend by giving wraps cheating texts as Christmas present

A girlfriend decided to get creative when she caught her boyfriend cheating on her by printing out her man’s messages to another woman and wrapping them up as a present under Christmas tree.

Apparently her boyfriend has been sending steamy direct messages to another woman who wasn’t his girlfriend over Twitter and Facebook.

After discovering the messages, the girlfriend, identified only as Cassie or Cassandra, took screenshots of the unfaithful messages.

She then took the time to carefully wrap the messages up in wrapping paper. Of course she documented the process as well.

Then on Christmas Day, as her boyfriend began opening his presents, she took out her phone to capture the moment.

As the boyfriend opens his gift of dirty messages, a look of confusion turns into a realization that he’s been caught.

She posted photos of her revenge plot on Twitter and Snapchat along with video of the boyfriend opening the present.

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