McDonald’s Japan sorry for Human tooth and plastic found in fries

McDonald’s Japan has apologized to customers and has vowed to ensure product safety, after a tooth was found in its fries.

This is the latest trouble to hit the fast food chain in Japan after decreasing sales and a shortage of French fries. This is also the latest complaint of a foreign body found in McDonald’s Japan’s food. Other incidents included a piece of vinyl in a chicken nugget and a piece of plastic in a chocolate sundae.


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A customer in an Osaka outlet had complained of a foreign body in his serving of potatoes. It turned out that the item had been deep-fried along with the fries.


The customer had received an apology from the store manager, although it is still not known how the tooth had been mixed with the fries.

Senior Vice President of McDonald’s Holding Co. in Japan assured the public that their food is safe to eat. As there were no employees missing a tooth, it is believed that the tooth could have come from the United States factory that shipped frozen fries.

Following the shortage of fries, McDonald’s Japan has resorted to importing 1,000 tonnes of frozen fries by air. They had also offered small-sized French fries as a result of the shortage.

Via : stasiareport

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