[VIDEO] Airport accident unsolved after 4 months, daughter takes to Facebook

Concerned daughter Charlotte Lopez Hofilena has taken it to Facebook to ask help to solve a four-month-old accident in Bacolod-Silay Airport.

The video she uploaded shows the baggage inspection area in the airport. Sometime towards the middle of the video, it showed a man in a yellow shirt plopping down his bag after going through the scanner.

Hofilena’s mother went to pick her bags after him but tripped on the bag that the man has plopped down.

Airport personnel rushed to her aid, but the man had taken the rest of his luggage and walked away from the area without even an apology.

First-aid personnel then arrived and took Hofilena’s mother away on a wheelchair. She was seen wincing and clutching her left shoulder.

According to Hofilena, they still haven’t heard anything from both the airport and Cebu Pacific. She said that her mother suffered serious injuries, as well as emotional traumas. She also claimed that neither the airport nor the airline paid for her mother’s hospitalization and rehabilitation, and neither did they look for the man who was the cause of this accident.

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