[VIRAL VIDEO] New Zealand office couple’s antics caught on act by bar patrons

The young couple get to know each other in the Marsh Ltd offices in Christchurch image(c) dailymail.co.uk

New Zealand pub patrons got more than what alcohol and good company when they get a glimpse of a couple doing a supposedly private act from the office across the pub.

The event took place on a Friday night, when two employees left the lights on in the building after office hours while they get to know each other better. They seem to be oblivious of being seen, and even enjoyed a glass of wine together.

Little did they know that their fun was filmed and photographed by bar patrons, who then spread these images on Facebook and Twitter. The band in the pub even stopped playing to watch the events.

image (c) dailymail.co.uk


The couple was identified by the company, and an investigation is underway. It’s possible that the two may lose their jobs.

image (c) dailymail.co.uk

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