[VIRAL VIDEO] “Bagito” charms netizens with kilig-worthy proposal

The things you do for love, even at a young age.

Netizens got a pre-Valentine’s treat on a two-minute Facebook video showing a young boy’s effort to ask the girl he likes to be his, well, girlfriend. And it’s worth the watch.

The video shows the blindfolded girl being taken to an area by her supportive classmates. When the blindfold is off, she is instantly greeted by the boys holding colored cards while one boy kneels down and hands her a stuffed toy and a card asking “Will you be my girlfriend?”

The girl is in denial at first, hitting the boy with the stuffed toy, but she eventually says yes and is met by cheers of delight from their classmates.

The video has reached 427,790 views, with netizens expressing their congratulations towards the couple.

Check out below Video :

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