[VIDOE] Jam losing battle with cancer + Kris visit video.

One half of YouTube couple JaMich, Jam Sebastian’s battle with lung cancer has taken a turn for the worst on Thursday, February 26. At the moment, he is on life support.

It seems like Jam’s family has already accepted the fact that his life can no longer be prolonge. A certain Mikee Agustin has uploaded on Facebook a video showing a weak Jam, with his brother Yexel crying by his side. His girlfriend, Mich Liggayu, is also by his side, also crying. While inaudible, it appears that Yexel is thanking his brother for opening doors following his and Mich’s rise to fame.

Following the announcement that Jam is on life support, Christopher Liggayu, Mich’s father, posted on Facebook the Prayer of Surrender, as well as a collage of photos of Mich and Jam. He then added a status update that Jam’s vital signs are weak and there is no hope for recovery.

Jam and Mich rose to fame through their YouTube channel, where they portray different types of love stories. Initially posted for friends, they soon gained a huge following.

Jam was diagnosed with stage lung cancer on March 2014. Following the diagnosis, Mich gave an emotional proposal to Jam.

Meanwhile video below posted on Kris Aquino (Official Fan Page ) When she had visited JAM


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