[VIRAL POST] Alleged fake Magic Sarap is circulating in the market today!

I know a lot of you wonders what is that “Magic sarap” that we always include on our recipes. By the way “sarap” is a Tagalog word which means “delicious”. It is a product of Nestle Philippines and is widely use for seasoning a lot of dishes giving it a tastier flavor.

It is a granulated seasoning mix with the complete flavors of meat, garlic, onion and other spices. It really makes any dishes taste even better just like the famous taste enhancer Ajinomoto but for me Magic Sarap works even better because even if you don’t add meat on your vegetables just a sprinkle of this seasoning mix will make the dish more delectable.

In Middle east Country “Magic Sarap” is also available like Groceries or even convenient store ( Bakala in Arabic )

A certain Francis C. Aquino posted below images of Magic Sarap that has fake and original one, its been posted last October 17,2014 and shared almost 10k.

image (c ) Francis C. Aquino fb account


“Share ko lang po..health concern ito..pati kami dito sa saudi nabiktima ng imitation na magic sarap seasoning.. sa kanan po ang original na pakete na may kulay blue ung logo..samantalang sa kaliwa po ung imitation na product.. kakaiba ung amoy at kulay nung logo kulay pink.. pkishare din po kung concern din kayo.. lalo sa mga kababayan nating gumagamit ng magic sarap sa pagluluto”






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