[VIDEO] New Yorkers fail “homeless child” social experiment

New Yorkers are unknowingly put to the test by a YouTube channel conducting social experiments. And they failed, miserably.

YouTube channel OckTV, known for their various social experiments, has uploaded a new video, focusing on a homeless child freezing to death in the streets of New York. They asked their brother Omar to wear a T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans and pretend to beg for help as hundreds of people pass by.

The video claims that during the first two hours, “no one attempted to even talk or help the homeless child.” There have been instances of people looking at the child, concerned, but they continued to walk on.

The people of OckTV didn’t expect what happened next. A homeless man came and put his own jacket around the boy, asking, “Are you all right, little brother?” He made small talk and gave money to the boy for food.

They were so touched that they approached to thank the man. They even gave him $500.

The video reflects the daily reality of homeless people in the United States of America. OckTV links its viewers to a site where people can donate for the homeless people.

Check out below video:

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