What size is yours? Internet ranks countries with most-endowed men

Who would have known that there is an actual statistics of the size of men’s penises from all over the world? But then again, this is the Internet, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Mandatory.com has provided everyone with a handy-dandy chart on the average penis sizes of men from all over the world. The sizes were based of the measurement from the tip of the penis to the very bottom of the public bone. It’s the Congo men who are the most endowed, their average penis size measuring 7.1 inches. North Korean men are the least endowed with an average penis size of 3.8 inches.

Other notable findings include a 5.5-inch average of penis sizes worldwide. South America is also the most endowed continent. Only 3% of men worldwide are over 8 inches.

Finally, out of the 80 countries included in this list, the U.S. ranks 61st in average erect penis size.


image (c) http://www.mandatory.com/


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