[VIRAL] Mob in India breaks rapist out of jail; beats him to death!

When the legal system seems to have failed, it is up to the people to take justice into their own hands.

Furious: Several thousand people gathered as the man (pictured, top) accused of raping a girl last month was mercilessly beaten to death image (c) dailymail


In a shocking moment, a violent mob in India broke into prison, kidnapped an alleged rapist, stripped him naked, and beat him to death while the crowd jeered. According to the media, the man died while being dragged four miles through the streets as people beat him and threw stones at him.

image (c ) dailymail


The man, a thirty-five-year-old car dealer had raped a student from a local women’s college and was arrested a day later.

He had not been convicted of rape, sparking anger among many. According to the Press Trust of India, a mass protest rally against the rape was held near the district jail, which was forced by the crowd, pulling out the accused.

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The crowd had reported to have torn down two gate before dragging the accused to the town’s clock tower.They also set fire to homes and shops where the accused ran his business.

Many people in India are protesting regarding the government banning the broadcast of a documentary of a gang-rape of a young student on December 2012. The government has also asked YouTube to block the documentary for viewing, claiming that the broadcast violated key agreements with the filmmaker.

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In the documentary, the rapist has been shot blaming the victim for being raped in the first place.

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