[VIRAL] Baby born with Jesus Christ stigmata: Real or fake?

A recently born baby was reported to have been driving Catholic believers to the Philippines. Sounds familiar?

Born on the morning of March 15, baby Jejomar Castillo was born weighing 3.2 kilograms and had peculiar marks on his hands, feet, and face.
The marks are said to resemble the wounds suffered by Jesus Christ when he was crucified. The wounds are reported to bleed regularly and not heal completely.

These wounds, in Catholic terms, are called “stigmata.”


The news of this “blessed” child spread like wildfire across the country.Thousands have already gathered outside Quezon City General Hospital, all in prayer.


Of course, not everyone is solved on the “stigmata” case. Microbiology expert Dr. Merlyn Cruz claims that Baby Jejomar is suffering a rare syndrome causing localized purpura, “which is characterized by red or purple discolorations on the skin.” She, however, admits that this is the first heard-of case on a baby.

The photos circulating in the Internet, however, has caused some doubt. Some netizens pointed out that the photos have been Photoshopped.

Furthermore, other netizens pointed out that the baby in the photo is Danica May Camacho, the world’s billionth baby, born in Jose Fabella Hospital in Manila

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