LOOK – Man pulls son’s baby tooth out using Camaro?

It’s normal for a child to grow permanent teeth, after which the baby teeth must be pulled out. While people usually go to dentists to have their children’s baby teeth pulled out, one can’t deny that a trip to the dentist can cost a lot. Which is why other parents just tie a string around their child’s baby tooth, tie the other end on a doorknob, and slam the door—a quick, cheap, and surefire way to get the baby tooth pulled out.

One parent named “Rob Venomous” on YouTube, however, decided to pull his kid’s baby tooth out with style. He tied a string around his son’s baby tooth, tied it on the back end of a Camaro, and started the engine. The tooth was pulled out, and the young boy was unharmed.

The video was uploaded in YouTube with 300,000+ views. While viral, it is highly recommended not to imitate the procedure and that the best medical procedure is to see an expert.

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