Conjoined twins find love in the same man

Conjoined twins in India finally found love in the traveling circus they are working on.

The twist? They found love in the same man.

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, known as the Spider Sisters, have experienced years of rejection because of their appearance until they met Jasimuddin Ahmad, a school teacher.



The conjoined twins, who share a stomach but have separate hearts, kidneys and livers, shared that it was love at first sight.

The girls were born to an impoverished family near Kolkata, West Bengal. In order to make ends meet, they joined a circus traveling all across India.



At 45 years old, though, Ganga and Jamuna began to tire, and that was how they met the 36-year-old Ahmad, who worked part-time with the circus as a sound engineer. The twins were amazed as to how he shared their feelings. They would share meals and talk about their lives until late in the night.



Ahmad and the twins have been together for seven months and are living together in a village near Kolkata. Ahmad works in a local school but helps the sisters in their circus performances.



The trio, however, have no plans to marry as it will not be accepted by the community

Source : Dailymail

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