Photo of Thai with good-looking boyfriend goes viral

Today’s day and age has proven time and again that love does not discriminate. Anyone can be happy with whoever they want to be with, be it a man with another man, or a woman with another woman.


This is also the case when a candid photo of two guys holding hands in a train went viral. The photo was posted with the caption “We support them! Bitter people not allowed.” The post has garnered 14,073 likes and 9,844 shares.

NaparujMond Kaendi and German Husband Model


The blonde man has been identified as Taparui Mond Kaendi, a Thai creative director and senior booking agent. The other man was identified as German Thorsten Mid.

Some netizens have praised the virality of the photo, which has empowered the definition of “love” encompassing all kinds of race and gender.

More Photos of said Couple from Instagram.

A photo posted by Naparuj MOND Kaendi (@bemondce) on



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