What consumer found in Canned Goods is Something gross!

A certain Alvin Shai Robeilos who lives in San Jose, California made a post on facebook four  images of Purefoods corned beef product with hair!

The post:


I ALWAYS LOVED PUREFOODS products the same way I loved the purefoods PBA team since the time of Alvin Patrimonio. This however changed with a horrible experience with a can of purefoods corned beef. Me and my wife reside in california but is currently taking a week of vacation back here in manila. I shared the story to my cousins who urged me to post this in facebook.

Please be very careful when you buy and most especially eat canned goods. My parents had a short visit to the Philippines last december 2014 and brought us some canned corned beef back to the US. January 22, 2015, my wife opened a can and gave me half for my lunch. My wife unfortunately ate half of the contents before i discovered what came with it. I am not going to describe it anymore as I am attaching pictures below.

I contacted purefoods customer care service. They responded initially, called me a couple of times but told me they cannot send someone in the US or do anything to get the product examined because I am too far away. The only thing that they did for me was to ASSURE me that this is just a part of the skin of a cow (Yes- just by looking at the pictures…) I would expect for a big corporation like purefoods to protect their name and do a quality assurance to their products or to go out of their way and investigate such complaints. Makes sense? I told them that I am terribly disappointed with the way they handled this complaint. I mentioned that I will post the pictures in facebook if they won’t do something about this. I followed up several times but did not get any more response. Please help me share this to your friends.

To PUREFOODS: You know how to contact me and fix this mess. You know how the experience affected my wife so much and all we wanted from you at that point was to show some sense of responsibility. You guys failed us! How can you be 100% sure that these are not hairs from something else?


F(c) Alvin Shai Robielos/Facebook

It was posted on 18th of April 2015  but till now no update and  Purefoods company has not issued a statement regarding this.



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