Shocking Video What This Woman Did To a 4-Day-Old Baby Must See!

While Bulgaria has its share of crime problems such as corruption, organized crime, and human trafficking, it usually shows a perfectly peaceful image beyond that. A viral video, however, has changed everything.

A Facebook Page “Nevjerovatno ” has uploaded a 12-minute video of what looks like a security footage in a hospital. The caption claimed that the hospital concerned is from Bulgaria, and the video is “shocking the whole country.”


In the video, a nurse has approached one newborn and viciously beat it, which includes beating the head. The newborn is said to be four days old.midwife-beat-newborn3

The Facebook page said that the nurse is currently in custody for 72 hours and will be charged with attempted murder. Meanwhile, the baby is in critical condition but is under surveillance by doctors.

Watch the Shocking Video : 

Nurse viciously beating a new born baby!!!

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