LOOK: Stepmother steals family wealth and cuts off little boy’s finger

Stepmothers have a reputation of making the lives of a family miserable. This stepmother is no exception.

Nine-year-old Xiao Yu was taken to the emergency room of a hospital in Shandong, China, his right index finger missing. When questioned by the police, he said his stepmother called him to her bedroom because she has something to tell him.

His stepmother tied his hands and feet together with a wire, stuffed a piece of cloth into his mouth, and cut his right index finger with a kitchen knife before leaving him, suitcase and all.


Xiao Yu managed to slip out of his bindings to find a neighbor to call 911.

His father rushed to the hospital and discovered that his second wife took his ATM cards, drained his bank accounts, and taken their marriage certificate. He paid for Xiao Yu’s surgery with the help of loans from friends.


Xiao Yu’s finger has never been found, and police speculate that the stepmother has taken it with him as a souvenir.

 Doctors said that they can perform a digital transplant to replace Xiao Yu’s middle finger, but he has to wait until he’s old enough.


 Meanwhile, the stepmother is still at large.

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 Meanwhile, the stepmother is still at large.

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