Tenth child of 65-year-old woman pregnant with quads criticizes decision to have more children

The tenth child of Annegret Raunigk has criticized his mother’s decision to have more children.

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Annegret Raunigk, at 65 years old, already has 13 children, but is currently pregnant with quadruplets. This raises concern among her children, who are worried that they will end up raising the babies for her.

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 Her son Velten Raunigk, 27, is the first of the clan to was frank about the matter after his mother appeared on television, stating her decision to have the children after spending £15,000 on IVF treatment in Kiev, Ukraine.

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He said his youngest sister Leila, 10 years old, is already bullied at school because her mother looks like her grandmother.

Despite the disapproval, Velten said that they will be there to support their mother in the future.

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 Once the quadruplets are born, the German state will pay Annegret €988 a month for the other children until they turn 18.

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