Viral: Girl at the party with an upset stomach leaves a suspicious trail behind

When it comes to special occasions, women become “extra-high maintenance” individuals. An hour of getting ready is not enough to achieve that perfect hair, perfect make-up, and perfect outfit. Same goes when women go out for a date or for a sudden girls’ night out. Women do not suffer from too tight dress and sky-high heels for nothing, they tolerate this because of one thing or two, and either they want to feel confident or want to capture attention. Either ways, a wardrobe malfunction or the melting of makeup can change the whole night for girl, but today’s viral news had a different case.

Several photos, allegedly uploaded by a Filipino netizen but taken somewhere in Middle East, has gone viral. It captured attention due to its portrayal of a woman in a black, tight party dress and white high heels.

The viral photos had stirred different reactions – from sympathies to bullying comments for the woman.

Below are photos that caused countless questions. Squeamish persons should skip it. We warned you.

Image Credit: EliteReaders


Image Credit: EliteReaders

Based on these photos, a “poop-like” trail can be found on the tiled floors. The trail then leads to a woman which has the same exact suspicious matter from where she stands.  She is also photographed stepping on the same suspicious mound, staining her shoes.

Image Credit: EliteReaders

Netizens ponder if it is a fecal matter and reasoned that the woman was experiencing an upset stomach. Yet inevitably, many became suspicious of the photos since it is quite impossible to be a fecal matter which without question would smell bad and would attract the attention of the crowd. So why the crowd and her date did not seem to mind?

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Source : : EliteReaders

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