They Abandoned Her Because She Was Disabled,She shock everyone now that shes grow up

Gymnast Jennifer Bricker was born without legs, which caused her biological parents to abandon her in Romania. Fortunately for her, an American family took her in as their own.


While Jennifer was born without legs, this did not deter her adopted family to see this as a limitation, letting her pursue volleyball, softball, and basketball. But in the end, she chose gymnastics, winning state titles and competing in the Junior Olympics.


Jennifer was aware that she was adopted, but she only asked about her adoption when she was 16. To her shock, her childhood idol, Dominique Moceanu was her biological sister.


Jennifer immediately wrote to Dominique, who confronted her parents. She found out that her parents gave up Jennifer because they couldn’t afford the medical care. Dominique already had a tumultuous relationship with her parents, going as far as to legally emancipate herself at 17.

The sisters now keep in touch and have formed a close bond.

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