A Must Read Story! Cancer-stricken Filipina shares journey to recovery

“You have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

                These are the introductory words of Ledi Aml in her album “Brave Heart”, posted on Facebook on August 1.  The album narrated her long battle with leukemia.

Ledi shared that she was ashamed to share the photos, which chronicle the day she was diagnosed with cancer until the day she was cleared of cancer.

Her album has received 57,480 likes, 74,720 shares, and 63 comments.  Netizens have praised her bravery and have pegged her as an inspiration.


The Post :

Cancer 1

Cancer 1

Ilang araw na sumasakit yung right side ng puson ko. Akala ko tae lang kaya hinahayaan ko. Day by day the pain level increases so I told my mom about it. They took me to the nearest ER and the ob gyne in charge found a cyst on my right ovary. She immediately scheduled me to see my primary doctor so she can refer me to another ob gyne for the minor surgery.

Minor Surgery schedule: June 7, 2014
The day before the sugery they have to do laboratory test (CBC). Later that night the nurse called me to cancel the surgery because there is something abnormal with my blood counts. She wants me to go back the next day for blood re-examination. I ignored what she said because I was so busy working.

June 14, 2014 my Ob Gyne called me, She immediately told me “Ledi, I’ve been trying to contact you for a week now but you’re not answering your phone. The reason why we want you to do a blood check is because you might have LEUKEMIA. Go to the hospital right now and I am going to call you back tomorrow once the results are out”. So I did what she said.


June 15, 2014 around 3pm the doctor called me at work and confirmed that I have Leukemia. I drove myself home, I was so hesitant to call my dad and deliver Him the news because its Fathers Day. But I have no choice so I called Him “Pa, may leukemia ako, dalhin mo daw ako sa Santa Barbara ER. Uwi kana. Ituwid mo isip mo wag moko iisipin habang nagddrive!”. I called my mom too.

Groshong Catheter was placed immediately in preparation for the first chemotherapy session. Another CBC was done and they did a bone marrow biopsy to check the cancer cells.


(Top left picture) Groshong Catheter. The picture on the bottom shows how the port goes inside my vein straight to my heart.

(Top Left) PICC line


(Left) Groshong removal (Right) PICC Line removal. They have to remove the port everytime my blood gets positive from infections.

Total of 4 catheter was placed throughout my battle smile emoticon 2x Chest(Groshong) – 2x both left and right arm(PICC LINE)

From Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital my insurance company decided to transfer me at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center to do the treatment. Everything was discussed to me what to expect in getting the treatment.


Induction Chemotherapy(5 days of high dose chemo and 1 IV push) – discharged from the hospital after 3 weeks of treatment.


(Induction Chemo) I got mouth sores all over my lips, mouth, all the way to my throat(Left Pic). I got rashes too all over my body(Right Pic)

August 2014, Consolidation Chemotherapy (3 high dose chemo for 5 days given every other day) – discharged immediately after chemo, I returned after a week and stayed for 3 weeks at UCLA Santa Monica for observation


all images credit to Ledi Aml


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