Filipina Maid wins $2.3m lottery, accused of stealing ticket

A maid who won $2.3 million in the Singapore lottery is adamant she won the money out of good faith, after a person claimed the winning ticket was stolen.

Lea (not her real name) claimed she was on her way to help a friend remit some money to the Philippines. On her way, she bought a Singapore Sweep ticket at a Tampines Singapore Pools outlet.

On that same night, Lea’s ticket won the lottery’s first prize, making her a millionaire. She immediately claimed the prize money, deposited it in her bank account, and transferred some of it to her family in the Philippines.

image credit straitstimes

A month later, however, police came to the flat where she works and claimed someone filed a report claiming the winning ticket was stolen.

Lea is upset by the news, but she obeyed by giving her bank details to the police, showing them the receipt of the winning ticket, and bringing them to the place where she bought the ticket.

Unfortunately, the video footage of Lea buying a ticket had been erased. The police continue to ask her more questions, and she had already declined answering them as she believes she has answered everything already.


Lea’s employer doesn’t believe that she did anything wrong.

Lea said she will continue working for her employer. She is also planning to buy a plot of land in the Philippines to build a house for her children.

Source :straitstimes

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