Shocking video: Saudi teens Trying To Get High By Huffing Butane Gas In Their Car, Get BADLY BURNT WHEN A LAD USES HIS LIGHTER!

Getting high on butane gas has spread among youngsters over recent years. It could probably be best compared to inhaling glue, or to an extent has a similar effect like the laughing gas, as it gives you an instant urge to laugh.

However, little is known about the extent of its use and it is only when it comes to hospitalisation that the drug comes to the fore.



“We have recently seen two cases of teenagers who set their car on fire while inhaling gases,” said Marwan Ahmad al Zarouni, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon. “They inhaled the gas in the car, and then somebody used a lighter to light a cigarette. An explosion was the result.”



Here’s the video they should have shown you in those high school PSA’s about not huffing aerosols. While trying to get high on butane, these Saudi teens went from One Direction to Wile E. Coyote in a huff, setting themselves and their car on fire

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