Pregnant woman caught for habitual theft gets beaten up by angry villagers

It’s not unusual for citizens to take matters into their own hands once they find someone committing a crime.

In China, this is what the citizens did when they caught a pregnant woman stealing.

The viral footage shows a woman whose hands are bound behind her back. A man pulls her hair and squeezes her chin while several onlookers watched and mocked her.


She then falls unconscious, but the man kicks her on the face.

Once the beating was over, a concerned woman approached her and lifted her to a sitting position.

The pregnant woman was a Ms. Lu from Ningbo who was suspected of habitual theft by the villagers. She was later taken to the hospital.


She has been charged three times but was released due to her delicate condition. When she came back to the village, however, the residents were furious.

Mr. Yin, the man who attacked her, was sentenced to eight days in jail with a fine of 300 yuan.

Watch the horrifying video below.

Via Nhung Hong

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