A Beautiful French Woman Looking For The Father of Her Child

This video shows a young French woman seeking for the father of her unborn child. This gorgeous woman named Nathalie has spent the night with a man but unfortunately lost her phone which is why she lost contact the man. She later on found out that she’s six weeks pregnant, she returned to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where she met the father of her child but failed to see him. She described the men to be approximately 183 cm tall and has blue eyes with blonde hair.

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With that, she used the amazing power of the internet to connect people from all over the world. The internet indeed has the power to connect people even when they are miles apart. She took a video of herself and posted it online, asking the netizens to help her find the father of her child through the help of netizens. She asked the people to help her circulate her video so she can find the father of her child.

But at the end of the video, a lot of netizens were dismayed because the video is actually not genuine and is just made for advertising purposes. If you’ll see through the end of the video, you’ll find a hyperlink that redirects you to another video, an effective and clear way of advertising.

There are a lot of tricks online just to get the crowd to click several links for monetization. You should be very keen to identify these stuffs before you’ll be used just for their own benefits. The World Wide Web is full of useful things but can also lead you to the wrong way. Nonetheless, this video is spreading like wildfire online and netizens are fascinated about this beautiful young Mexican. It’s just so sad to know that everything is a lie and the video is made just for advertising.

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via Natalie Amyot

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