LOOK The Mysterious Giant Ball of Light Sighting In Miami!

UFO sightings has become a source of confusion for so many years. There are claims that these sightings are actually real and some scientist proclaims that these are all work of fiction. Despite all those arguments, people who’ve seen these supposed UFO’s believes that extraterrestrial creatures do exist.

Here is another video of a blue light clearly passing the sky of Miami Airport, Florida. People in the area took a footage of this unidentified object and eventually uploaded it online. There are a total of 4 million views just hours after the upload because the video seems to be genuine.


MarEugenia Pereira Quidiello had the rare opportunity to witness this rare event and can testify that the blue light is really genuine. Her daughter even took a video and uploaded it online. According to her, the blue light passed through the night sky light comet. People present in the said area were fascinated about the sighting. Whether it’s real or not, experts still hasn’t expressed their opinion regarding what happened.

UFO sightings is a phenomenon and reports came from different parts of the world. In addition to that, some people not only claims to have seen these extraterrestrial creatures but also there are reports of abduction by these unknown creatures but these claims were not actually proven.


There are also physical evidence caused by extraterrestrial creatures. One of the most controversial is the fire on the highway which happened last September 16, 1965. Two policemen from South Africa were on their way for a night patrol when they encountered a UFO. According to them, the spacecraft were simple copper-like disk but what happened next is exceptionally terrible. The UFO sped up making 1 meter of the highway on fire. After the happening and the fire is out, they’ve notice that one section of the road actually collapsed, as if something heavy took off in it. Samples were taken for analysis but the results were made private.

Watch below UFO Video


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