The Truth Behind The Mysterious Clash of Clans Ghost Town

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A Facebook post is circulating online regarding an alleged ghost town owned by a dead person. According to a user, the account belongs to a Malaysian player named Angarkey Rikhi, the clan name is DEDAM77BERADIK and you can search the account using #9QLU9CY8. But just prepare yourself, your game might crash after searching it and only lucky players can view the village just for a few minutes only.

The mysterious happenings was first sited by Shaun Mhad Lee and eventually shared it online. Because this game is somewhat very popular, aside from the fact that you can play it for free, online gamers are delighted with its gameplay. Just a small issue with it will surely be circulated online like wildfire.

According to a Facebook post, even though the player is already dead, the builder still works as if somebody is playing it. Another thing is that, the tower of the said ‘ghost town’ is placed above the other tower. This is quite creepy because you can’t actually to that to your village. That makes the account haunted, and many players tried to view the account but most of them failed to do so.


Because of the widespread news about this mysterious ghost town, Super Cell, the developer of the game, issued their statement with regards to the issue. They said that the ‘ghost village’ is just a glitch in the system which is why there’s a lot of mysterious things happening whenever someone tries to gain access to it. Super Cell also added that the village is also not symmetrical which is uncommon in the game. Despite the statement of Super Cell, netizens and gamers were still not convinced that it’s only because of some sort of glitch. They believes that the real reason behind it is the dead avid fan of Clash of Clans.

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