What This Teenager Did To The Baby Is Really Horrifying! See It Here

A Facebook post got controversial because of its undesirable content; a supposed teenager’s toe is sticking inside the month of a 7 month-old baby. The family was saddened after seeing their innocent baby with a toe in her mouth.

The photo police say was posted on social media.
The photo police say was posted on social media.

The incident happened in West Buford Street, Gaffney. After this photo went viral on Facebook and other social media sites, the family contacted the police to assist the said issue. According to the police investigation, the parents of the child took the baby to the homeowner’s house to look after the baby while the parents are still at work. At the day of the said incident, a teenager came to visit the homeowner’s daughter, the same teenager who allegedly place her toe at the baby’s mouth. The teenager is 15-years old.

According to baby’s grandmother, the photo is truly heartbreaking because her grandchild is so precious to her. The mother of the baby called her on the phone stating the whole story. The mother said that their baby could’ve died because she was choked with a toe in her mouth and the toe might have reached deep inside the child’s mouth.

The teenager who is responsible for the incident denied all the allegations not until the picture was showed to her. She just offered her apology about the matter and because she’s underage, the case will only go to the Department of Juvenile Justice. No criminal case can possibly be filed.


There are a lot of child maltreatment happening these days. Most cases are done by caregivers while the parents are out for work. This is the reason why most houses preferred to have CCTV cameras so the owner can still monitor the happenings inside the house even if they’re away especially if you have a child since they are more prone to these kinds of maltreatment.

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