What This Man Did Is Unbelievable and Astonishing! He Jumps From A Flaming SUV!

Red Alert! This stunt is for experts only. Faint hearted people are discouraged to watch because we have fellows who dispatched a flaring SUV off a custom made ramp into a lake. As usual, because they are gentlemen, we don’t try inquiring as to why, we are simply glad nobody was harmed and appreciate taking a look at their masterpiece, which is without a doubt, truly epic!


The man who jumped off the flaming SUV is stunt driver Jed Huie from Alabama. Keeping in mind he did execute the most perfect drive up, a fearless hop into the lake, he is getting on a lot of flak online for setting aside the opportunity to plug his nose before touching down the water.


‘He’s not afraid to jump off the flaming SUV but is worried about his nose getting some water. In any case, Huie took all the response lightheartedly stating that safety should come first. He says the trick itself was performed at a companions ranch, and the worn out, spongy vehicle was later pulled from the water with a tractor. Not a terrible approach to spend the Labor Day. Simply don’t attempt this at home and just leave the Bama young men do it because they are professional in this field.


Most viewers tag this video as the ‘most epic’ stunt seen in the internet today. There might be nothing to remember in your Labor Day holiday, but these boys have something worth remembering. This video footage of them jumping out from a flaming SUV will hunt them throughout the years. Their future kids might even inherit their adventurous side and try stuffs like this, they can’t lecture them very easily because this video will be remembered throughout ages as the ‘Best SUV Stunt Ever’.


source: aguyfromalabama (Jakob Hernig)

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