This Gravity-Defying Wedding Dance of Magician Justin Willman and Wife Is Surely Worth A Watch!

This video shows the magical first dance of the newlyweds, Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins. Yes! Their dance performance is literally mixed with magic tricks that overwhelmed the audience.

Weddings ought to be extra special because it’s considered to be the first step towards a lifetime with the one you love. The couple’s first dance in a wedding ceremony is considered to be one of the highlights of this joyous event because it is where the newlywed couple enjoys each other company after exchanging their solemn vows. For Justin and Jillian, they didn’t dismayed their family, friends and even the whole World Wide Web because their first wedding dance was very spectacular that it became viral all over the web.


Even in the early part of their dance, they already performed a magical stunt that wowed the public, even Jillian’s father. Jillian was able to paralyze her groom just for a single kiss, the crowd cheered for that. Not just that, at the end part of their dance, Justin performed a gravity-defying stunt which made everyone in the party speechless. Their wedding dance is a whole new level of love and excitement. They ended their dance with a lovely kiss.

The couple also has a video entitled “Drunk History” which is basically their own love story. The video also became viral because it was shared for thousand times. Justin Willman is a magician and also a comedian that became famous because of his appearances with some hit TV shows such as “The Tonight Show and Ellen. He was also dubbed as the funniest magician nowadays. Earlier this year, he premiered in “Sleight of Mouth”, a comedy/magic special. Fans can eventually see more from him because his videos are also spread-out in the internet. Best wishes to the newlyweds, Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins.



Source : Justin Willman

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