What These Kids Did Is Really Reckless! They Are Not Even Considered as Teens!

Kids these days are somehow greatly influenced by the things they see around them. This photo became viral online because of its malicious content. Two kids were seen kissing in this photo and it looks like they’ve got no shame and posted it on Facebook. The photo is being shared for so many times that it became viral just days after it was posted by its original owner. It seems like the kids in the photo were just 10 years old or less. They are still very young yet they are already doing things that only adults are entitled to do. It’s obvious that they are imitating things they see on TV and the community they are in. What might be the reaction of their parents?


In the previous years, it is only the father who is obliged to work. But as our financial needs rise, mothers are encouraged to work to help sustain the family, which leaves the children alone in their home, no one to talk to. That is the reason why they prefer to be with their friends and enjoy their company rather than just staying at home and be alone. Their friends could influence them to do reckless things thinking that it will be alright even though they are still young just like what these kids did in the picture. They are mainly influenced by the community and society they are in.

Gone were the days that kids tend to enjoy doing things appropriate for their age, fun filled activities to fill up their days and not these kinds of malicious things which will surely lead to unwanted pregnancies and worst STDs. It is really frightening to raise kids, especially if they reach the adolescence stage. They might be reckless and stubborn, but the only alternative to these is for parents to show their love, care and support to their children so they can take on the right path.

Source : ManilaFeed

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