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Guo Yuanyuan was tagged as the most beautiful bride in China. Not all because of her features (though she’s beautiful as well) but mainly because of her act of heroism towards a drowning man.

This young nurse is photo-shooting for her wedding on September 21 on a shoreline in Dalian, north east China, when she heard that a man is drowning. She hurried to the scene and attempted to revive the man. Tragically, regardless of her earnest attempts, the man died.



Witnesses say that they recognized a man, who stays unidentified, in the ocean who was waving and yelling for help around 10am on September 21. A few swimmers on the shoreline swam out and figured out how to pull out the man from the water, who was now at the point of sinking from the waters. When they came to the shoreline, the man was unconscious. When they pulled out the man from the water, his lips are already purple and the face blue. The rescuers thought that the man might had a heart attack. As a group assembled around the man, unfortunately, nobody knew how to do mouth to mouth.



Around 100 feet away, Guo Yuanyuan, who was a cardiovascular medical attendant at a local hospital, happened to be shooting her wedding photos on the same shoreline. Without considering, she hopped off a three foot edge and raced to the scene while wearing her wedding dress. She then continued to do mouth to mouth on the man for more than 20 minutes. During the time spent sparing the man, Guo ruined her wedding dress, spoilt her make-up and broke her nails.



Regardless of her current state, witnesses applauded the medical attendant’s determination. After the incident, Guo said that after hearing that somebody is drowning, she only remembered that she is a nurse and that responsibility is certainly much higher than being a bride. Her fiancé also told the press that Guo likes to help other people and that’s what he loves about her.

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Source(s) DailyMail | Tjun Gie

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