This Woman Felt Terrified After Seeing A Creepy Note “Help Me! Plz.”In Her Daughter’s Underwear

A disturbing message was found by a woman after buying a Tinkerbell underwear. Carefully hidden inside the underwear is a note that states; Help Me! Plz. There is also a name and number of the person asking for help, it also states that the note is coming from the Philippines. All of these made sense because at the back of the cardboard, it says that the product was eventually made in the Philippines.


Nicole Perez, the one who bought the underwear with the message was greatly terrified. She said that everything seemed to drop in her stomach after reading the message. So she tried to call the number but it’s now unattended.

Tinkerbell underwear Pack


Mobile number but it’s now unattended

There are a lot of unfortunate people experiencing unfair treatment by their employers all across the globe. Unpaid or underpaid issues and abusive employers seems to be very common these days. Some workers even experience being beaten by their employers but still manages to stay and work for the benefit of their family.

The product was made in the Philippines.

Luckily, there are now government organizations that protects the right of every worker so they won’t get maltreated very easily. Just like in the Philippines, they have labor laws that generally protect the rights of every Filipino worker. Even Overseas Filipino Workers are protected by these laws. If someone is suffering from maltreatment by their employers, they can definitely ask for help from their local police or in the Philippine Embassy for Filipinos working abroad.

There are still no further news if the disturbing message is actually true or just a mere prank. Also, the note couldn’t be traced up easily because the underwear was bought second hand. In the Philippines, people mostly use prepaid mobile phones, making it more untraceable. Nonetheless, local authorities in the Philippines might already solved the incident before the note was received by Nicole Perez and made rounds to social media sites.

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Source : WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7

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