VIRAL VIDEO This Woman Just Got The Right Punishment For Her Rudeness!

Anthony Ramos, a Facebook user, posted a controversial video of how a rude woman insulted a taxi driver just because she thinks she deserves to be the first in line to be served by the gas attendant. Anthony was riding the taxi and was just listening to the rude woman who even yelled and even glared to the taxi driver. The poor man then decided to let the woman go first.

After hearing the heated conversation, Anthony couldn’t held it up and decided to interfere. But the angry woman directed her attention to him and insulted him instead. He asked the woman why she seems so rude, and the woman simply replied that she’s not and even asked him if she’s gay. The commotion ended after the rude woman slammed the door of her car. Anthony had no choice but to walk away and went back inside the taxi.

Anthony took the video of the heated conversation and posted it on Facebook. The video went viral and was able to reach the son of the rude woman. He obviously defended her mother stating that she is just suffering from an illness and is only supported by her beloved children. Despite the explanation, she still don’t have the right to insult others and cut in line anytime she wants. But Anthony swears that he will pull down the video after an apology to Marlon, the taxi driver. Even worst, after all the denials and accusations instead of a simple sorry, a final message was sent by his son to Anthony which states “F-You”. Eventually, without a single doubt, the saying “Like mother, like son” surely applies to them.

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly whether they are poor or not. Most people believe that despite the status in life, everyone should enjoy life the way they want it to be, without a single trace of discrimination.

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