Online War Against Alleged Racist: “We Can’t Buy Referees But We Can Buy A Million Filipinos To Clean Our Toilet”

Filipinos are totally saddened from the “controversial loss” between Gilas Pilipinas and China on the Rio Olympic qualifying rounds. Because of that, a racist post apparently from a Chinese individual has definitely raised an online war.

An Instagram User with an account name yu.long, has angered a lot of Filipinos after his controversial post stating that, “We can’t buy referees, but we can buy a million Filipinos to clean our toilet”. That was indeed a harsh comment which clearly discriminates Filipinos and belies all the allegations of sabotage concerning the controversial loss of Gilas Pilipinas to China. According to many, the game was absolutely “cooked”, as they termed it, the Chinese way. The discriminating words of yu.long appears as a reply to a comment by another Instagram User.


A supposed screenshot of yu.long’s comment was first uploaded by Cesar Apolinario in his official Facebook page. The screenshot was then shared by thousands of angered Filipinos. Disappointed users left insults and sarcasm to yu.long for posting such mean words directed to all Filipino people.

Though there are disappointed Filipinos, there some who encouraged everyone to ignore the post stating that there are Filipinos who also left racist remarks to China after the game. Another commentor said that the man has no manners and respect to other countries, and that the whole world eventually know what they did on the game.

The Facebook post has reached 6000 shares and a thousand comments were poured on it. On the other hand, the IG account of yu.long went private after the said issue. There are still no further news about his side of the story.

The Gilas loss to Team China is absolutely heartbreaking, but everyone should accept the fact that the game was already done and Gilas Pilipinas has offered a fantastic game to every one of us.

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