Man Walks Down A Busy Road Carrying Something You Will Never Want To See; The Head of His Wife

A man in India allegedly beheads his wife using an ax and simply walked down the busy road carrying the woman’s head.
In Maharashtra, India, people along a busy were terrified after seeing a man carrying an ax and a supposed head of a woman Friday morning. People reported this incident to the police resulting to his immediate arrest at around 11 in the morning.
Ramchandra Sheu Chavan, 53, is the suspect of a horrible crime no one could ever dream of. He is married to a 45 year old Sonabai Ramchandra Chavan, which was the victim of the crime. Her husband suspected her of an affair with none other than, their own son-in-law.

On Friday, is was reported that Chavan and his wife seriously fought because of the suspected affair. So just after their sons went to work, Chavan locked her daughter-in-law and grandsons in a room and beheaded his wife and walked outside their house. That’s the time people saw him walking down the street with an ax and the supposed head of his wife.
People outside was terrified with what they saw on Chavan’s hands and some even caught pictures of the said incident. The motorists was also the ones who called the local authorities about the incident. V K Kumkar was the first policeman who responded and rushed to arrest Chavan. They also found the body of his wife in their house and was then set to the laboratory for further investigation.
According the Sudhakar Pathare, police in charge for the investigation, Chuvan is confirmed as the suspect of this horrifying incident. The suspect was charged under Section 302 under the Indian Penal Code.
Arguments and misunderstandings are common issued of married couple. One can say that no marriage is perfect, but committing horrible crimes like this is unacceptable in the eyes of God and the law.

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Source :News World India

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