After seeing a CCTV footage, a father was heartbroken to see his daughter maltreated by their household worker.

According to reports posted last October 17, a certain video was uploaded by a Facebook User Christopher Sun. The video shows a pitiful child, Mikayla, being kicked on her back by his nanny from Indonesia. The kick made the two-year old girl to fall on the ground, face first. Because she was hurt, the baby started to cry, but the household worker left her all alone on the floor.

Upon seeing the video, the father decided to post it on Facebook only to vent his anger. But the video caught the attention of netizens making it viral and gaining sentiments for the poor child.


On a comment made by the father on a Facebook post, he stated that his kid was just having a happy time eating and from nowhere, a kick went flying making the child’s head hit the hard floor. The impact was really indescribable and he was heart-broken upon seeing it because he can’t even hurt her own daughter and the nanny just did hurtful things to her.

After the incident, the father observed that the child had numerous nightmares, she is crying while asleep for more or less 10 times every night. He can’t do anything but to hug his child tightly.

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There are already numerous cases of child maltreatment involving household workers. It is sad to think that you’ll have to leave you kids to other people to work for your family. Because of that, you should be more vigilant when picking the right household help. Your baby can’t complain to you directly so protect them as much as possible. Installing CCTV’s are also a good idea, this one simple thing could create a big impact when it comes to the security of your family.

Source (s) Tony Toh | Christopher Sun


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