LOOK : The KTV Scandalous Intimate Act, Student in the Philippines Nowadays

Days after the third Bagito scandal made its rounds in the Internet, another video scandal emerges.

The 44-second video is shot in a KTV bar, and the video taker is seen sneaking a peek into one room, only to see a couple having intimate act. The girl is on top of the boy, and a couple is oblivious that they are being taken in a video.

The video was uploaded by a Miguel Karasig on Facebook on October 21.


Karasig claimed that the couple caught on video are students, as he referenced the recent Bagito Scandal 3 video. Also, he lamented on how students are behaving these days.

Karasig also claimed that he did not take the video. He merely posted it on his Facebook. However, he did not disclose where he acquired the video.

He did promise to take down the video, however.

Seventeen hours after uploading the video, there had been 408,161 views, 5,192 likes, 4,640 shares, and 5,211 comments.



Most of the comments were meant to make fun of the couple for doing it in public where anyone can barge in at any time. Others are also lamenting the lack of values in kids in this day and age.

Meanwhile, others are praising the girl for being “good”; some are praising the guy for being lucky finding a girl like that.


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