Netizen warns against charging gadgets overnight

A fearful incident has left Niña Angelica Llaneta with the important lesson of charging gadgets. She posted her story on Facebook and hoped that the people who read her story will be well-informed.

Llaneta warned her readers to avoid leaving their chargers plugged, especially at night. She also told her readers to avoid charging too many gadgets charging in one extension cord.

Leaving the charger unattended would result to the plug overheating, and overheating will result to fire.


Llaneta said the “traumatic night” happened past 1a.m. She and a friend went to sleep and had another friend stay that night.


They went upstairs to sleep, leaving many gadgets charging—a tablet, a charger without any gadget changing, and speakers.


Llaneta said she was about to feed her dogs when her friend saw the extension cord on fire.

The fire blazed, but they managed to put it out before anything else happens.

Llaneta could only imagine what would have happened if they fell asleep immediately.

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