The love of a man for scarred woman touches the Internet

In this generation, where different social media sites allow everyone to share status and photos and make it viral across the world, people tend to be critical of someone’s looks. For every picture, people can easily notice something wrong with a person, no matter how flawless it appears to be.

Most of the time, people take things for their face value, ignoring anything more to the story. One look at a profile pic, and the person can ignore it based on what they instantly see.


But there are people, though few, who think that physical appearance doesn’t matter in finding the love of their lives.

Photos of a couple has recently gone viral on the Internet. While the man looks normal, the woman does not, her face wounded and scarred by an unfortunate incident.


Still, the photos show how the man would longingly stare at her and would kiss her. It certainly proof that love is accepting the imperfections of the person that you love.

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