A child was found abandoned near a residential area in Cebu City.

The story was posted via Facebook video by a certain Luz Mendoza. Since its posting on November 23, it has been viewed 212,500 times and shared 6,200 times.

Mendoza said it was seven in the morning that November 23 when she found a paper bag near their home.

Upon inspection, she was surprised to find a baby in the paper bag. The baby looked like he was newly born, the umbilical cord still attached to its bellybutton.

Mendoza immediately rushed to call other people for help.

One of her neighbors draped the baby with a jacket to keep him warm. Another neighbor suggested the baby be taken to a hospital.

It is assumed the baby was taken to the hospital after the commotion.

Mendoza didn’t say whether the police have identified the identity of the baby, especially the identity of the baby’s parents.

In the meantime, it is assumed that the baby will be taken under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, where he will either wait for his real family to get him, or he will wait for another family to accept him in their lives.


7:00 o’clock am .. Naay nakit.an nga bata nga gi sulod ug paper bag atbang sa balay ni mendoza sa sto.nino basak gate LLC . buotan kaayu ang inahan nga nag labay sa bata . swerte sad sa nka.punit ..Rogen Monares,Shisimae Maure,

Posted by Luz Mendoza on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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