Driver Accelerated His Car, Smashing A Police Officer In A Cement Barrier. But This Is Not Certainly His First Time

Last year, netizens were alarmed upon seeing a man who pulled his gun after a police officer tried to confront him regarding a traffic altercation in EDSA. But his stardom didn’t end with that.

Another video is taking rounds online after a certain Omet Ordnas uploaded a video on December 7. It was immediately taken down after the shares reached 40,000. Bill Tan Ang was seen arguing with a policemen after the car accident. Ang refused to cooperate with the police officer when they tried to alight him. Instead, he accelerated away dragging one policeman for several feet away, smashing him in a cement barrier. Ang escaped afterwards.

Ordnas, the one who posted the video said that the driver was held responsible for a car crash but instead of cooperating with the policemen, he accelerated his car dragging the officer, then escaped.

“Kung sinu man nakakakilala sa driver na to. Nakabangga po yan ng taxi sa the fort naghabulan sila hanggang sa naabutan sa poblacion makati ngaun humingi ng responde sa police. Tingnan nyo po sa video ang ginawa sa tao na to kinaladkad nya ung police at tumakas. Ayaw bumaba ng sasakyan. Pasikatin nyo na yan.”

He seems like another crazy motorist in Metro Manila, but netizens noticed that the guy in the video was the same man from the viral video last year.

According to reliable sources, Ang already confirmed that he is the man in the viral video. He allegedly settled everything between the police officers and the Taxi driver.

Scroll down for video credit to James Deakin

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