Lucky Foods For New Year 2016

As another year approaches, Filipinos are taking much time and effort to produce bountiful feast to welcome the New Year. Along with family and relatives, Filipinos gather to welcome and anticipate new blessing for another year. It is also believed that lucky foods should be prepared to bring out good health, fortune and happiness all throughout the year. Here are some lucky foods for 2016:

  1. Fruits
  • Grapes – It is believed that eating 12 grapes, which represents the 12 chime of the clock, will give fortune and sweetness in the incoming year. This tradition has been practiced ever since 1909.
  • Oranges or Pomegranates – It is believed that these fruits symbolizes prosperity and money. Because of its color, they are famous representation of good luck and wealth.
  • Any round fruits – Put round fruits in the center of the table because it represents wealth.
  1. Beans – Black beans bring forth good fortune. Green lentils also represents money. You can mix both kinds of beans and eat them during the New Year’s Eve.
  2. Greens – Any green vegetables such as collard, cabbage, kale and spinach are considered lucky foods this 2016. Green foods represent money.
  3. Pork – If you’re thinking on what to prepare on New Year’s Eve, choose pork rather than beef and chicken. This is because pigs dig using their snout. This represents moving forward unlike chickens which scratch backwards and cows that only stands firmly off the ground.
  4. Fish – Preparing fish for New Year’s Eve is also a good option since most fishes swim forward and their scales symbolizes silver. Fish also represents abundance. Sea foods like lobsters and crabs is a ‘No-No’ because they walk backwards. Instead, you can have shrimps, oysters, and mussels.
  5. Noodles – For longevity, every member of the family should eat noodles.
  6. Grains – Rice and barley symbolizes abundance. This is because grains such as rice and barley swell when they are cooked.
  7. Sweets – Any sweet foods should also be served in the New Year’s Eve. This is to symbolize sweetness of the family and good luck.
  8. Round Foods – foods such as donuts, pancakes, pizza, cookies, and anything round symbolizes full circle of the upcoming year.
  9. Champagne – Drink 3 shots of champagne (without spilling it) and throw then throw the bottle of champagne behind your back to throw all your bad luck in the previous year.


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