Priest suspended for using hoverboard during mass

Hoverboards are becoming the in gadget towards the end of 2015. Children are riding them around public places in large groups, and people are trying to bring them in airplanes.

Recently, a netizen has caught on video that even a priest is using a hoverboard in church during the holiday mass. The video showed the priest riding a hoverboard down the aisle during mass while singing a song to his congregation.

The video gathered millions of views on Facebook, the netizens’ reactions mixed. However, the Diocese of San Pablo issued a statement denouncing the priest’s “wrong” behavior.

The Diocese of San Pablo said that the mass demands utmost respect and reverence. The mass should not be used to impulsively introduce something to get the attention of the people.

The diocese said the priest has been temporarily removed from the parish so he can reflect on his actions.

Watch :

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