Video catches bed bug infestation in Astor on the Park Hotel

A concerned netizen has shared a video that shows a mattress filled his girlfriend’s body in bites during their stay in a Manhattan hotel.

Elgin Ozlen from Long Beach, California posted a video on YouTube that shows more than 50 bugs crawling in the seams and along the sides of the mattress. He claimed that he was in his room at the Astor Park Hotel on the Upper West Side.

Ozlen began his YouTube video by showing the view of his hotel from Central Park before heading to his room. He revealed that the room on the fifth floor was the third room they had been transferred to, since the heater didn’t work in the first room and the power outlets didn’t function in the second.

Their current room had both heater and power outlet malfunctions, as well as the bed bug infestation.

Ozlen noticed the rashes from his girlfriend’s body and initially assumed that she caught the rashes from outside the room, until he checked the mattress and found the black bugs, together in clumps.

Ozlen then poked the bugs with a pen to show them crawling around the mattress.

He then went to the bathroom to show the huge bites on his girlfriend’s arms, stomach, and back.

Astor was unable to be reached for comment.

The hotel has a three-and-a-half star rating on TripAdvisor. Several travel Web sites have also rated it around one to two stars since the release of Ozlen’s video.

Apparently, this was not the first time an Astor customer was infested by bed bugs. A TripAdvisor review from a man in Australia related the same experience in 2011.



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