British conman who faked death found in Manila, Philippines Selling Underwear in a Stall Market

A British conman who staged his own death so his ex-wife could claim £679,000 (PhP46 million) is now said to be working in the Philippines, in a market stall his new wife owns.

The 65-year-old John Darwin is said to be making £138 (PhP9,000) a week in Manila, and now lives in a confined apartment with his 42-year-old Filipino wife Mercidita, who he married in February.

In March 2002, Darwin paddled out to sea in a canoe at Seaton Carew before ditching the vessel to give the impression that he drowned.

He and his ex-wife and ex-partner in crime Anne used the money they conned from others to travel around the world and buy several properties in Panama.


He returned to the United Kingdom in 2007 and tried to fake amnesia. However, he and Anne were convicted of fraud in July 2008. He moved to Manila after serving six years and three months in prison.

Now, Darwin spends most of his days at home, but sometimes helps his new wife in his stall, selling underwear and T-shirts. He also earns £138 (PhP9,000) a week on pension from the United Kingdom.

It is unknown whether Mercedita and her three children from a previous marriage know of his past crime.


His landlady has mentioned that Darwin likes the Philippines and does not plan to go back to England. He said he is trying to save up to find a better place for his new family to live in.

Source : Dailymail

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