Dark ring around neck a sign of Type 2 diabetes

Diabetes remains to be one of the rising diseases among the youth. Type 2 diabetes is on the rise, especially, since the youth are packing on weight and are not exercising enough.

Fourteen-year-old Pantera learned this when she began to notice sudden changes in her health. She always felt thirsty, she had frequent headaches and mood swings, and she had a strange dark-colored ring around her neck.

The ring around her neck turned out to be acanthosis nigricans, the red flag to her type 2 diabetes. Doctors say that the ring meant that one’s insulin isn’t working properly.


In addition to the neck, this dark pigmentation can also be found on the underarms or groin. Elevated insulin levels in the body activates insulin receptors in the skin, which forces it to grow abnormally and cause extra pigmentation in the skin.


Now with Type 2 diabetes, Pantera has to test her blood sugar and give herself a shot of insulin every single day. She hopes her story will inspire other families to make healthier lifestyle changes.

Doctors recommend a lifestyle change of eating a more balanced diet and daily exercise in order to prevent diabetes.

WATCH BELOW CLIP Credit to ABC Action News

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