Farmed tilapia causes health problems

Tilapia is a freshwater fish usually eaten and bought because of its low price. However, apparently the fish also causes health problems.

According to blog Health Online Central, tilapia does not contain oil. Its high consumption causes the fish to be farmed and sold in huge amounts. Farmed tilapia is fattened up by soy pellets and GMO corn, compared to the wild tilapia who eat lake plants and algae.

The fish is also cheap because US farmers treat tilapia with hormones to gain size and weight in a short period of time. This is why the fish has low level of omega-3 fatty acids and increased level of fats and unhealthy omega-6.


Farmed fish has higher levels of toxins compared to wild fish. Such toxins include PCBs and dioxin, which increases the risk of cancer. It has poor quantity of nutrients and lower level of proteins. Consumption of farmed tilapia can lead to certain inflammations in the body.

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